On 5 November, 2018, International Office and Language Centre of UMMI held a pre-departure ceremony for students who will conduct International Teaching Practice and Community Service in Thailand. This is the second to be conducted in the year, the first was conducted from May to October, 2018. The participants come from 4 different departments, English Literature Department, Agribusiness Department, Early Childhood Teacher Education Department and Bahasa Indonesia Education Department. A total 8 students consisted of Tia Rahmawati, Hilma Zakirah, Neng Desti Siti Nurhidayah, Dinna Utami, Tiara Ashshiddiqiq, Neneg Hamidah, Astri Stania Supardi and Mohamad Rifqi Fauzi enrolled in the program.

Dr. Sakti Alamsyah, the Rector of UMMI was attending the ceremony. In his speech, he said that after the program is finished, students have to bring positive knowledge which can be implemented in Indonesia and also can motivate their juniors to participate the next international activities.

The students will conduct the program for 5 months, starting from 6 November, 2018 to 5 April, 2019.

Pre-departure Ceremony of International Teaching Practice and Community Service in Thailand (2nd Wave)

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