UMMI Conducted Internal Audit to International Office of UMMI


On Monday, 7th August 2017, International Office of UMMI has been audited by internal audit team. The team consisted of 2 people, Ms. Asriyanik and Ms. Din Azwar Uswatun.

The audit was intended to see and evaluate the progress of International Office as one of Technical Implementation Units of UMMI. The audit was started from 8 A.M. to 12 A.M.. There were several indicators that determine how good the progress is. Such as management system, work-plans, maintenance, available services, meeting agenda, and may more.

Internal Audit of International Office By Ms. Asriyanik, and Ms. Din

Ms. Asriyanik, one of the auditors said, “International Office is a newly built unit. This audit will be focused on the progress and obstacles so far.”

Much advice were given by the auditors. Both sides gave their best encouraging each other for the advancement of International Office of UMMI.

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