UMMI Sent 5 Students to KBRI in Thailand


B Building, Р5 students of UMMI were sent to Thailand to do Internship Program and Community Service at Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia in Kingdom of Thailand. The program was managed by International Office of UMMI. That made up International Office of UMMI to be succeed on delivering students to do international programs for the umpteenth time.

A team consisted of 5 students, 2 of them were from Taxation Department and the rest were from English Letters Department. They were going to do Internship Program and Community Service for 26 days, starting from 4th to 29th of September 2017.

A meeting with parent of students was held at B5 room. It was also attended by Dr. Sakti Alamsyah, the Rector of UMMI, Dr. Reny Sukmawani, Vice Rector I, Dr. Saprudin, the head of International Office and Head of Departments of Taxation and English Letters. It was intended to socialize the parent regarding to daily activities and the way the students live in Thailand.

The head of International Office of UMMI, Dr. Saprudin said that the program was an implementation of every study the students has received in the class.

“Internship Program and Community Service shows academic quality of UMMI in international level. This program is also an implementation of UMMI¬†vision,¬†to be advanced in science and Islam. Through International Office of UMMI, UMMI¬†has made MoUs with several abroad universities.”, He said.

In the meeting, the Rector of UMMI, Dr. Sakti Alamsyah ordered to keep the mental and spirit in good shape, because a good controlled mental was important when going abroad. Vice rector I, Dr. Reny also ordered to keep the good image of their self, family, university and nation.

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