Language Centre of UMMI Graduated 867 Students in English for Specific Purposes Program


On Tuesday, 29th August 2017, took place at Barchoya Field, total of 867 3rd semester students of UMMI attended English for Specific Purposes 2016/2017 Graduation Ceremony. The graduation ceremony was a program of Language Centre of UMMI. Only those who have passed English for Specific Purposes Subject in first and second semester were allowed to attend the graduation.

In his speech, Dr. Saprudin, M.Hum., the head of International Office and Language Centre of UMMI explained that ESP Program was programmed to be equivalent to 12 credits of SKS (Semester Credits System). in ESP Program, the English were divided into 4 main skills, which were reading, speaking, writing and listening. Each skills were distributed effectively in 2 semesters, where there would be only 3 skills each semester, and each skills would be equivalent to 2 credits of SKS. So the students would have 6 credits for each semester.

Dr. Saprudin also said that LC Program were not ended in ESP Graduation. When the students reaches the last semester, they have to do TOEFL test. The test were targetted to be held when the students reaches seventh semester. Before the test, LC would held a workshop for at least 4 days in order to prepare the students facing TOEFL test.

“ESP Program is also intended to be an effort¬†of internationalization of UMMI. Being capable talking in English is a main asset for the students who are interested in abroad scholarships and international¬†programs such as international community service, internship program.” said Dr. Saprudin.

In the graduation, Dr. Reny Sukmawani, the vice rector I officially delivered certificates of appreciation to 10 students with excellent performance. She also delivered 3 certificates of appreciation to 3 best students of English for Specific Purposes 2016/2017 Period. The 3 best students received free tickets to Malaysia for a trip and a visit to Islam University Antar Bangsa Selangor, Malaysia.

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