International KKN-PPL in Thailand 2017 Officially Ended

International Program

After 2 months being conducted by students, International Community Service (KKN) and Teaching Practice (PPL) in Thailand is officially closed on 24th December 2017. The closing ceremony was held at Nirandonwitya School, Narathiwat. The event was attended by all academic member of Nirandonwitya School, Director of Attawfikyah Islamiyah School, Sisti Windiariyani, M.Pd. (Dean of FKIP), Billyardi Ramadhan, M.Si. (Head of Biology Education Department).

Each school where students held the KKN -PPL program welcomed the monitoring and evaluation team consisting of Sisti¬†Windiariyani and Biilyardi Ramadhan¬†very warmly. The Dean of Teaching Practice and Education Faculty, Sistiani Windiariyani¬†said “Alhamdulillah, the schools give positive feedback to the students of UMMI. Not only positive feedback, the students also experienced good and¬†interesting experiences during the program.”

Surya Adi Wiguna, a student of Informatics Engineering Department, as a representative of KKN-PPl student expressed his impression on the closing ceremony. “It’s been 2 months and time flies. Thank you for the hospitality, care and the guidance. So much of impressive thing we had.”

The closing ceremony went smoothly. The students of UMMI presented an Angklung Performance. The event was closed by gift handover from UMMI to schools representatives and vice versa.

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