Student Experience When Conducting International KKN – PPL in Thailand

International Program

KKN-PPL (Kuliah Kerja Nyata – Program Pengalaman Lapangan) Internasional¬†or International Community Service and Teaching Practice in Thailand is my first international activity i have ever conducted. It’s been always one of my dreams to go go abroad looking for new experiences and learning new things. I had doubts if i can make¬†it, because i am just a child of a seblak¬†seller.¬†Alhamdulillah, Thanks to my parent’s hard work and supports from Biology Education Department, i became more confident to participate.

The program lasted from November 28 to December 29, 2018. Before the departure, we were given leads and training by expert lecturer so that we have basic knowledge about living abroad and can adapt well.

There are 7 students participating the programs.We were divided into 3 groups for 3 different schools where we conduct the programs. Wulida, Syifa and Surya were placed in Nirandonwtitya School, Nuke and Adinda in Ataufiqiyah Islamic School, whereas I and Adriansyah were placed in Piraya Nawin Klonghin Wittaya School, the farthest school from south border of Thailand. Piraya is one of advanced Islamic schools in Thailand.

The first time i arrived at Piraya, i felt so nervous and less confident, because it was my first experience being abroad where i met different environment and culture, but those feelings went away just easily when Piraya welcomed us so warmly. The first day in school, we were introduced to the students of Piraya. I felt very happy to see their enthusiasm.

On the first week, i found it difficult to teach, even tough they speak Malay, their Malay sounds very different that i found it difficult to communicate. Most of the students and people there talk in Thai and Malay. With a little effort and patience, i could adapt to their Malay and communicate. The students were very active, they always ask me about almost anything, especially about Indonesia. We were not only asked to teach in the class, but also to teach reading Al-Qur’an.

We stayed in boy dorm along with other students and our supervisor, Ustad Muhammad and Ustad Husni.

Week after week passed by. A week before the program ends, Mr. Nimu, the head of Nirandonwitya School as the program organizer along with my friends and the monitoring and evaluation team came to pick us up. It felt very hard and sad to leave Piraya. We bade farewell to all students, teachers, and all academic members.

All of the participants were gathered In Nirandonwitya School for the final event, which was closing ceremony. The ceremony went well and touching. The students performed a theater performance of Malin Kundang. We also performed an Angklung performance and farewell song. It was so touching. So many experience i got in Thailand. I will never forget that 2 months memorable moments.

By Rindwansyah, Student of Biology Education Department

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